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The Dairy Wipe is a simple and effective means of maintaining pre-milking hygiene in your milk parlour. Neglection of simple dairy hygiene standards can result in pathogens such as mastitis to spread throughout the herd. The Dairy wipe is ideal for wiping down teats to remove mud and dirt before the animal is milked.
Dairy wipes are strong, durable, absorbent and can be used for cleaning various spills around the farm. 

Dairy Wipes compared to other generic paper towels

Compared to other paper towels used on farms Dairy Wipes are thicker, stronger, more absorbent, last longer and are manufactured to a higher quality.
  Dairy Wipe Generic 2 ply Blue Roll
Paper  2 Ply 2 Ply
GSM 56 20
Length X Width 140m X 230mm 150m X 194mm
Sheets Per Roll 636 429
Rolls Per Pack 6 6


Benefits of using Dairy Wipes

Hygiene: Individual disposable sheets are ideal for cleaning teats individually to prevent cross contamination.

High Wet Strength: Dairy Wipes are soft and durable when dry but are also strong and hold together when used wet.

High Quality: Dairy Wipes are stronger, thicker and more absorbent than other brands of paper towels.

Versatile: Dairy Wipes can be used to clean teats of cattle, clean down surfaces and for cleaning up spills around the farm.

Easily Dispensed: Dairy wipes will fit in all centrefeed and pull floor stand dispensers.