Q8 Formula Advanced 10W-40 (1 Litre)

Q8 Formula Advanced 10W-40 (1 Litre)

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Q8 Formula Advanced 10W-40 is an allround high SAPS engine oil. It can be used for passengers cars and light duty commercial vehicles. It guarantees optimum engine protection by providing a strong lubricating film in different operating conditions. The product meets the requirements of ACEA A3/B4, and is approved by a variety of car manufacturers.


Q8 Formula Advanced 10W-40 is developed for Euro 3 and 4 engines used by the majority of car manufacturers. The product is designed for passenger cars and vans with gasoline or LPG engines, and is suited for normally aspirated or turbocharged diesel engines, with or without direct injection. It is especially recommended for Volkswagen and Mercedes, requiring an ACEA A3/B4 specification.


Advanced engine protection after cold starting.

High engine performance in different driving conditions.

Premium protection against rust and corrosion.

High Viscosity index providing strong lubricant film at all operating conditions.