Beatty Veggie Mix - 1 Cubic Meter Seasonal Special - €149

Beatty Veggie Mix - 1 Cubic Meter Seasonal Special - €149

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Weight: 1 Cubic Meter

BEATTY has engineered a vegetable growing medium that is both fertile and weed free. 

Working with one of the country’s leading vegetable growing experts Klaus Laitenberger, the vegetable growing blend was trialled by both commercial and domestic growers with great success.  

BEATTY Veggie Mix can be used as an improver to existing soil or as a replacement soil. 

BEATTY Veggie Mix is successfully used throughout Ireland by growers old and new to gardening.  It’s the easy way to get started – perfect in a raised bed, polytunnel or to improve your soil.  For best results, 

BEATTY Veggie Mix should be forked into existing soil and no other fertiliser should be added - just water.

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