Farmsense Veloron Lamb Supplement

Farmsense Veloron Lamb Supplement

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A newborn lamb depends heavily on access to colostrum for survival. Lambs who receive insufficient colostrum are highly susceptible to disease and infection as their body is unable to fight off the pathogens.

Veloron is rich in energy, which makes it ideal for use as a booster in lambs that received insufficient colostrum. These newborn lambs can go on to ingest environmental bacteria, which then go on to cause infection. Without adequate energy the newborn lambs can succumb to these infections.

Veloron also contains the probiotic Enterococcus Faecium. This species of ‘good bacteria’ populates the naïve lamb gut and reduces the ability of pathogenic bacteria to establish.

  • Contains EC registered probiotic (Enterococcus Faecium M74)
  • Ideal for weak or distressed new born lambs
  • Easy to administer
  • Each bottle contains 125 lamb feeds