Q8 T 55 80W-90 (20 Liters)

Q8 T 55 80W-90 (20 Liters)

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Q8 T 55 80W-90 (20 liters) 


Q8 T 55 80W-90 is an advanced heavy duty gear lubricant. The specifically selected base oils and additives offer optimum lubrication in extreme pressure and shock loading situations. This product is recommended for heavy duty axles requiring API GL-5 specification.


Q8 T 55 80W-90 is recommended for heavy duty components such as rear axles, final drives or differentials, especially those with hypoid gears. It meets the API GL-5 specification and is applicable for on- and off-highway, construction, light and heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles, operating under high speed/shock load, high speed/low torque or low speed/high torque conditions.


Exceptional wear protection under heavy duty operating conditions.

Outstanding protection against wear and extends component life.

Superb gear protection under shock load conditions.

Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion.

Improved shear stability for a stable viscosity during use