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Q8 Formula Long-life 5W-30 (1 Litre) - TOPAZ18

Q8 Formula Long-life 5W-30 (1 Litre) - TOPAZ18

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Q8 Formula Long Life 5W-30 is a superior performance passenger car engine oil. This product offers exceptional fuel economy and best-in-class engine protection, especially against wear and sludge, even in the most demanding conditions. It exceeds ACEA C3 and the stringent requirements of VW 504.00/507.00.


Q8 Formula Long Life 5W-30 is suitable for use in Volkswagen diesel and gasoline passenger car, meeting Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission legislation. This superior product is also backwards compatible with most VW gasoline and diesel engines with or without pump injectors. (VW 501.01, 502.00, 503.00, 503.01, 505.00, 505.01, 506.00, 506.01)


Superior protection for SCR catalyst and diesel particulate filter.

Superior oil film strength under all engine operating conditions.

Exceptional extended drain interval capacity, compatible with flexible ODI systems.

Fuel economy improvement of 1% or more

Exceptional engine performance in different driving conditions.

Any reference to VAT is for UK customers only.  If you are an ROI business with a valid VAT number for importing then advise of this in notes with your order or phone us on 048 66388068 and we can provide an invoice.

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